Quality Matters


Quality of product is not by mistake: is always the result of intelligent effort All products are made under review of experts and high tech resources and again test it, so don't confuse about the quality of product. Because we value for your comfort. PARIAN PORCELLANATO is ISO certified company to prove that is a best value awarded company Some points describe to how our quality is.

  • Build robust ware
  • Suitable shape for every places
  • Shine will remains for a long time on colors even if you put them on the sunshine
  • Using good quality of raw materials to build our ware
  • give new look while creating every time in every manufacturer has a quality is identity of their future
  • stability. Always give our batter on our productions 



Which side you want to install tiles, first clean surface. 

Do not use any hard materials to fit on the floor or wall. 

Always follow installation guidelines otherwise get follow-up any experts. 

Create layout and marking the center point because it is easy to understand Cutting tiles as par needs. But do not break it any heavy object. Use electric cutter if it is available or possible to do them. 

As per need make mixture of water, send and cement to get perfect fitting Tiles should be fit with zero slope. So all area should be in level without any slope or undulations. 

Once we fit on your area then randomly tap on the tiles and observe for hollow sound If you listen this type of sound you pressing tiles with the help of some lower weight object. 

After fitting on your area then it stay to dry on them like 24 hours. 

If you have need more information about installation process then you also ask our experts and contact us This facility is open for our respected buyers.